Photos from post “Why Conditional Cash Transfer Works”

Photos from post “Kasambahay Law knocks on Filipino homes”

Kasambahay Law ceremonial signing

Photos from post “To sustain PHL’s bright prospects, the rich have to step up”

Informal settlers. Photo: Lito Estelimbergo/DILG

Tawi-tawi houses. Photo by Ramon Raquid


Photos from post “The status of women in the Philippines: a 50-year retrospective”


Status of women. Photo by Francisco Guerrero

Photos from post “In Habagat’s aftermath: lessons in recovery”


Habagat aftermath

Habagat aftermath 2

Photos from post “Poverty, scarcity and the rule of the Catholic Church”

Tondo 12-17-2011. Photo by Kimmy Silang

Informal settlers 2. Photo by Kimmy Silang

Scarcity. Photo by Bea Fabros

Photos from posts “Two for the long, rough road” and “Can informal settlers co-exist with the rich in the big city?”

SURVIVOR. Teody Gacer is a woman who has survived numerous challenges in life. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

NORTH TRIANGLE. In the North Triangle area, informal settlers constantly face the possibility of eviction. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

HAPPINESS. They may have less but find contentment in the simplest of things. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES. Sama Na Ka has helped build a community. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

PLAYTIME. Teeners of the community find time for play amidst challenging conditions. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

Fight for land. Photo by Andrea Zara Dayao

SLICE OF LIFE. Photo by Andrea Zarah Dayao.

MAKING A LIVING. Photo by Andrea Zarah Dayao.

OBLIVIOUS. Photo by Andrea Zarah Dayao.

Photos from post “New study shows Mindanao challenges”

Photo by Philip Herzogg

Photo from “Where have all our young girls gone?”