The HDPR Cluster

The Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cluster is one among the five Cabinet Clusters created through Executive Order (EO) no. 43, s. 2011.

Its mandate is to focus on improving the overall quality of life of the Filipino by translating the gains of good governance into direct, immediate, and substantial benefits that will empower the poor and marginalized segments of society.

In particular, the cluster shall pursue the following goals:

    1. Make education the central strategy for investing in our people, reduce poverty and build national competitiveness;
    2. Recognize the importance of advancing and protecting public health;
    3. Build capacities and create opportunities among the poor and the marginalized;
    4. Increase social protection and engage communities in their own development;
    5. Promote equal gender opportunities in all spheres of public policies and programs; and
    6. Ensure effective coordination of national government programs for poverty reduction at the local level.